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Matt S

My name is Matt:

I am a Data Science leader with a record of leading high-profile data organizations and successfully launching analytics platforms for data science, marketing acquisition optimization, customer analytics, marketplace machine learning, and data operations adoption.

I have led many San Francisco startups including the Airbnb Hotels teams in the e-commerce, adtech, fintech and data/digital realm-- series-A companies with 20 people and no data team to Fortune 100 publicly-traded companies.

I build data products from go-to-market strategy to launch for founding teams and startups. My expertise is full-stack data analytics -- I have built analytics systems and platforms from scratch to enable sales, marketing, and product teams to succeed and grow.

Lets build a managed data layer together.

We will build with you and manage the integration of your data into a data layer custom-built for your business. You need business-ready analytics and customer insights today. Let us deliver proven value in weeks, not months.

Are you just diving into analytics?

We will build with you a Starter Stack for companies that need their first unified, business data layer.

Are you trying to unlock more growth and personalization?

We will build with you a Growth Stack for companies looking to unlock the power of segmentation and real-time data.

Are you trying to move into predictive modeling?

We will build with you a Machine-Learning Stack for companies optimizing beyond historical information and requiring predictive analytics.

Do you need to activate your data with real-time analytics?

We will build with you a Real-time Stack for companies desiring to personalize their customer/s experiences in real-time for the best UX.

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