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Our team is constantly recruiting the best Analytics Engineering talent to freelance on our platform.
We vet each freelancer so you know your startup will receive fantastic experience, proven expertise, and excellent communication.

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We’ll hand-match you to a freelancer that fits your project and budget in 48 hours.
Most of our client projects are kicked off within a week.

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We won’t sign you up for an ambiguous or long term contract.
Hire our experience delivering data projects, on time and budget, and receive a project report each week along with the week's deliverable.

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You are busy running your startup. Get on-demand help understanding your most important customer behaviors without wasting time hiring an expensive consulting group or building a full team. Hire a fractional CDO for your startup.

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team-members, not freelancers

Hire in days, not months. We use an advanced matching system of human expertise to select and present a proven and vetted Analytics Engineer to your startup within 48 hours.
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Our roles

Hire one role or build your complete team.

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    Analytics Engineer
    Popular tasks: setup your data warehouse, track your user’s behaviors, define customer LTV, and MKTG attribution.
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    Data Engineer
    Popular tasks: migrate from MYSQL to a data warehouse, build an ETL data pipeline.
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    Machine Learning Engineer
    Popular tasks: optimize and remove the bias of AI models, build infrastructure to run data science models.
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    Data Scientist
    Popular tasks: build landing page experiments, forecast sales volume, train an NLP text model to categorize user intent.
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    Data Analyst
    Popular tasks: company KPI dashboards, inventory analysis, ad performance recommendations.
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    Data Product Manager
    Popular tasks: project prioritization, stakeholder management, and roadmapping.

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